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Postbox 2 BETA Now Available

September 14, 2010

Postbox 2 Beta

We’re excited to announce the latest BETA release of Postbox 2!

This beta brings a ton of new features and improvements that will help you get more done, more quickly, with a lot less effort.

Get Organized the Easy Way

Postbox 2 gives you the tools you need to organize your Inbox (and workload) into smaller, more manageable chunks. We don’t pay lip service to inbox overload, we crush it!

  • Postbox 2 supports Unified Inboxes/Folders - our most requested feature. But we didn’t stop there, because you can also organize your accounts into Groups. This feature allows you to keep “work” and “personal” accounts separate, with unified views for each group.
  • Postbox 2 introduces the Focus Pane, a new column view that lets you work with messages by attribute, topics, contacts or dates. Use the Focus Pane to increase your concentration and productivity within areas high on your priority list.
  • A new To-Do View lets you work on important tasks without distraction. Combine the To-Do View with Unified Inboxes/Folders and the Focus Pane to crunch through To-Dos in record time.
  • Postbox Conversation Views are now even more powerful, actionable, and easy to read. Quickly bring yourself up to speed and jump into discussions with more information, context, and insight.

Work Faster

Rip through large message loads at blazing speeds with a slew of new features that will make your inbox cry “uncle!”

  • Quick Reply lets you reply to a message without the need to open a separate compose window, which is perfect for short, snappy responses such as “I’ll see you at eight,” or “buy low, sell high.” And it all happens inline within a message or conversation.
  • File messages without using your mouse using Quick Move. Just type the letter “V”, enter the first few letters from the target folder, and voila!
  • Now you can switch to a different folder using only your keyboard. Type “G” and the Quick Switch panel will enable you to jump to any folder in a flash.
  • You asked for more Keyboard Shortcuts, we’ve got ‘em in Postbox 2. Navigate to any corner of the app, or initiate most any function with a simple keystroke. Power users rejoice!

Much More…

We’ve made improvements within almost every corner of Postbox, including better performance, better support for Signatures, a new streamlined interface, and a bevy of new features that will make you ultra-productive. Much more than an email client, Postbox 2 helps you tackle your most demanding workloads!

Getting Started

To install Postbox 2, please use one of the following download links:

Then, simply install Postbox 2. If you’re currently using Postbox 1.1.x, your configuration files will be imported automatically, however, some of the performance improvements in Postbox 2 will require that you re-index your messages. For more details, please see the Postbox 2 Release Notes.


We would very much appreciate your thoughts on this release, and have set up a special Postbox 2 Beta Forum on our support site to gather feedback. If you have ideas that you would like to see incorporated into Postbox, please visit our Ideas and Feature Requests Forum and be sure to vote on or recommend features that you’re interested in.

Thanks again for your continued interest in Postbox, and please be sure to tell your co-workers, friends and family about Postbox 2.

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