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July 20th, 2012

First Thunderbird, Now Sparrow

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What a month! The Sparrow Team just announced that they are moving to Google:

We're thanking our lucky stars that we didn't name Postbox after a bird.

Is Desktop Email Going the Way of the Dodo Bird?

Why are so many desktop email clients calling it quits on the innovation front? Is this due to a massive and sudden migration from desktop email to webmail? We don't think so.

Sparrow focused on providing a Gmail-like experience for Mac desktops and mobile. Google knows that email is important, and they needed to make Gmail on mobile devices better, so hiring the Sparrow team to work on Gmail or "other projects" seems logical.

Thunderbird was having a difficult time supporting Mozilla's mission of keeping the Web open and free, or at least in ways that had similar impact to Firefox.

From our perspective, we're seeing more demand for desktop email than ever before. The desktop enables Postbox to provide a unique and powerful email experience, on both Mac and PC, for serious email users who require a high level of usability, integration, privacy, and control.

In fact, many of our customers are previous users of Gmail and other webmail services.

The World's Best Desktop Email Client for Mac and PC

If you are currently a user of Sparrow, Thunderbird, Gmail, or any other desktop or webmail solution, we encourage you to give Postbox a try!

For our Gmail* users, here are some of the Gmail-specific features that Postbox supports:

  • Gmail Label support makes organizing easy
  • Dedicated Important view for high-priority messages
  • Send and Archive your messages in just one step
  • Add detected dates to your Google Calendar
  • Support for Gmail keyboard shortcuts for the power user


* If you don't have Gmail, no worries... because Postbox works great with any POP or IMAP email account, including Yahoo!, Hotmail, MobileMe/iCloud, AOL, Comcast, Dreamhost, Rackspace, Zimbra and many more.

New Low Price!

Postbox is now only $9.95. Twice the features of Sparrow, same great price.

And with our Volume Discounts, you can pick up Postbox for as little as $4.95 per user. That means you can outfit a team of 30 for only $148.50!

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