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June 28th, 2011

Postbox 2.5 - New Mac Theme

As mentioned in our last post, Postbox 2.5 on the Mac has a new theme. This post is guest written by Benjamin De Cock, our 27-year old freelance interface designer living in tiny Belgium. He specializes in software and icon design for Mac OS and iOS. Follow him on Twitter and have a look on what he's working on at Dribbble.

When I started work on a new Mac theme for Postbox, Mac OS X Lion was on the horizon so I thought it was the perfect time to dig into its new and awesome style. For Postbox 2.5, I had two main design goals:

1) Look as native as possible
2) Reduce clutter and complexity

Finding the right balance between something that has its own personality, but still adheres to the native Mac look and feel, was tough. The temptation to redesign the default elements is always huge for a designer, but I strongly believe it's something UI designers should avoid when working within a native environment (web apps are a whole different story, obviously). Giving users a look and feel they're used to is very reassuring - it's like they already know the app before launching it for the first time. Also, working with constrains is great. For some reason it pushes a designer to find clever implementations and UI details in order to stick with the conventions.

Reducing the clutter was also a big consideration. There are a lot features and a lot of different ways to use Postbox. It was important for us to account for those different needs, but we also wanted to keep the interface as clean as possible. Mac OS is a huge inspiration for this, as they're doing a terrific job in reaching people who are less tech-savvy and hardcore geeks. It has been a real benchmark for me for Postbox 2.5.

Postbox 2.5 is a terrific design milestone, and more design improvements are on the way to make Postbox even more user-friendly and accessible for everyone.

Here's a sneak peek at new Mac interface:

Feel free to share your thoughts on this new update, your feedback is invaluable to me as a designer. ;)

Postbox 2.5 will release "very soon" and it will be a free update for all Postbox 2 users. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest Postbox 2.5 news.

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