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June 9th, 2011

Postbox 2.5 - New Mac Toolbar Icons

The Windows version of Postbox 2.0 contained an entirely new icon set. For the upcoming Postbox 2.5 release, we're now creating a new icon set for the Mac!

Actually, two icon sets.

You see, Apple is moving towards an iOS or monochrome style for its toolbar icons in Lion (Mac OS X 10.7). So we wanted to know if Postbox users preferred the color icon style used in Pages and Numbers, or the monochrome icon approach used in Safari and the Mac App Store.

We surveyed over 2,500 Postbox users and found that 59% of Postbox users preferred color icons while 41% preferred the monochrome icons.

So we decided to do both!

The color icon set in Postbox 2.5 is being designed by Kenichi Yoshida, who has also done some terrific work at Panic. Here's a sampling of his color icon set:

Postbox 2.5 Color Toolbar Icons

The monochrome icon set was designed by Benjamin De Cock, who also designed the new Mac theme for Postbox 2.5:

Postbox 2.5 Monochrome Toolbar Icons

Our next post will touch on the new Postbox 2.5 Mac theme in more detail.

Remember, Postbox 2.5 will release this summer and it will be a free update for all Postbox 2 users. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest Postbox 2.5 news.

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