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February 8th, 2010

Refer Your Friends, and Get Postbox for FREE!

Our Refer-a-Friend Program is easy! Tell your friends about Postbox, and earn $5 each time someone purchases with your coupon code! Refer six friends and Postbox is effectively FREE!

Step 1 - Save $10 on Postbox!
Use your search skills. Find a coupon code to purchase Postbox for just $39.95 $29.95!

Step 2 - Share your Coupon Code
We'll give you your own coupon code for "$10 Off Postbox." Share it via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email… anywhere.

Step 3 - Make $5 each time someone uses your code!
You get it - make 6 referrals and we'll send you $30 - the price you paid for Postbox. Any more... and it's all gravy.

There you have it. Postbox for about the price of a pizza, plus a way to earn it all back and give your friends a discount. Everyone wins!

To get started, search Google or Twitter for a coupon code to Save $10 on Postbox today! If you are an existing customer, simply select License... from the Help menu, and click Get Referral Code.

To learn more, please see our Refer-a-Friend Program page, read our FAQ, or review the Terms and Conditions.

A special "Thanks!" to Charlie Wood of Spanning Sync for his help and advice on the development of this program.